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From The Space Between
NOTICE: Recent system changes significantly altered Stat Point distribution, Mysticism calculations, and the unlocking of Umber/Gold Tier Actions. Pages on this Wiki related to Stats and Umber/Gold Actions may be out of date. See recent Discord announcements for further details.

List of Traits

Traits represent a character’s abilities with specific skills and actions – shown through dice rolls. Any action with a factor of chance uses a character’s traits.

There are 8 Traits: Power, Somatics, Insight, Augury, Deception, Fate, Allure, & Daunting.

Each trait has an effect on different skills or abilities both in and out of conflict! Every trait falls beneath an Aspect Type. The bonuses to the Aspect a Trait falls under determines how difficult or easy an action is when rolling against another character.

Below is a list of Traits and the Aspects they fall under. Click 'Read More' on any Trait to view the Actions they impact, what types of rolls they effect, and what bonuses they can give with the HUD.


Physically Attack through bodily means. This roll is used when acting against another Player Character.
Read More
Skill and ability governing physical nuance and understanding of self and body, as well as understanding when using ranged attacks.
Read More


Lie, Conceal the Truth, or attempt To Sneak, Hide, or be Stealthy without magical means or illusion.
Read More
Attempt a Chancy Action that you would otherwise likely fail.
Read More


Become aware when someone is Deceiving or Hiding from you.
Read More
Use foresight and reflex to react quickly and accurately
Read More


Strength of Presence. Threaten, Taunt, or Torture others into Submission or for Information through tactics of Coercion.
Read More
Attraction and Influence: Charm, Seduce, or use Bribery and Influence to get what you want
Read More

Bonus Scores

Probability Table
Trait Score Probability of Success Must roll At or Lower Than
0 0.5% 3
1 1.9% 4
2 4.7% 5
3 9.3% 6
4 16.2% 7
5 25.9% 8
6 37.5% 9
7 50% 10
8 62.5% 11
9 74.1% 12
10 83.8% 13
11 90.7% 14
12 95.4% 15
13 98.1% 16
14 99.5% 17

Characters have 40 points for bonuses in any of the 8 Traits. Every point assigned gives a +1 Trait Bonus. Trait Bonuses help determine how likely a character is to succeed when attempting an Action Roll, making Action Rolls easier or harder. These bonuses also help to determine the total amount of SOS damage done to other characters while in Conflict.

When creating a character, every trait can have up to a +10 bonus attached. This bonus can be increased further – to a maximum of +14 – by taking Character Quirks and equipping Oddments over the course of Roleplay.

Conflict Actions

In Freeform Roleplay, Traits can be used and flavored however a Player wants. Flat rolls for every Trait can be done through the HUD – automatically determining the difficulty and adding in bonuses when rolling for success, or against another character.

In Dice Mode, unique Actions exist for each Trait. These Actions can be done while in Conflict with another character. Each is different, and has specific results within the HUD towards you (or another character). This can mean positive or negative conditions, movement bonuses or restrictions, SoS damage or recovery, and similar affects.

Every Trait Action includes flavor text and a set name, though players are encouraged to write how Actions react, look, or function in-character however they would like! Flavor text is more a suggestion, and exists only for a player’s aid.

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