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From The Space Between
NOTICE: Recent system changes significantly altered Stat Point distribution, Mysticism calculations, and the unlocking of Umber/Gold Tier Actions. Pages on this Wiki related to Stats and Umber/Gold Actions may be out of date. See recent Discord announcements for further details.

Tier is the measure of strength and capacity of self a person has. This can also be considered how much Presence an individual has gathered up. Tier is explained as a color -- an ethereal flicker lingering about every person's soul and self. This flicker of color may change over time, growing to swell bright or fading away to nothing.

Strength outside of Reality

Every person, thing or creature which passes beyond the boundaries of reality finds themselves out of place. A character's measure of ability or strength here is not the same as it may have been in their reality. Someone may have been exceptionally powerful and skilled, or inexperienced and ungifted in their reality, but this is somewhere different...

Rules and understanding, control and capacity are not the same for a person here. Everyone who enters begins at the same


The lowest and weakest, those of Pale Tier have only a weak flicker so dim it can barely be seen. When a soul slips down to Pale, there is a real danger of beginning to Fade away into nothingness. Many Mundane who find their way out of reality are Mundane, though it's not unheard of for Outsiders or Chambion to be forced down the ranks into this Tier.


A kernel of strength has kindled within those of Drab Tier. Low and weak, there is still a spark of potential to be found. While many different people of many different types make up this Tier, without great effort, Mundane may find it hard to move upwards from this point.

Drab Tier is the Standard Starting Tier and the highest Tier a Character can start at.

  • Drab Tier may slot (1) Temporary Oddment and (1) Permanent Oddment.
  • Drab Tier may use a maximum (6) Quirk Points and can select up to (5) Quirks.


Grasping to the fabrics of unreality, color has begun to bleed through and stain the soul darker. That spark of potential has swelled brighter and the cinder of potential blooms. Many Types of characters may find themselves at Umber Tier.

  • Umber Tier may slot (2) Temporary Oddments and (1) Permanent Oddment.
  • Umber Tier may use a maximum (8) Quirk Points and can select up to (6) Quirks.
  • Umber Tier and above gain access to Non-Conflict Mysticism Actions (Rites, Curse, Assistance, True Sight, Bastion, and Enthrall).


A gleam of strength radiates through those of Gold Tier, intense and beginning to harness Unreality rather than bend to its will. Individuals of this Tier are very strong in some way. It's exceedingly rare for a Mundane to be able to find their way to Gold Tier without beginning to alter into something else.

  • Gold Tier may slot (2) Temporary Oddments and (2) Permanent Oddments.
  • Gold Tier may use a maximum (9) Quirk Points and can select up to (7) Quirks.
  • Gold Tier and above gain access to Gold Conflict Mysticism Actions (Cauterize, Enshrine, Gateway, Flux, Fortify, and Antipathy).

Gold is the Highest Tier possible to obtain during Play Testing.


Bold and steady, Crimson Tier means not a flicker but sweltering churn of color makes it apparent to all the fostered strength. Strong and skilled, those who ascend to crimson are inordinarily powerful in some ways. Mundane are not able to raise upwards to this Tier without altering into a Chambion.

  • Crimson Tier may slot (3) Temporary Oddments and (2) Permanent Oddments.
  • Crimson Tier may use a maximum of (11) Quirk Points and can select up to (8) Quirks.


Rather than simply enduring, those of Verdant Tier thrive, having altered enough to suit his inhospitable space. Exceptionally powerful, any who ascend to this Tier are noticeably strong and have changed over their time outside of reality. Nearing the status of reality-shapers, few manage to reach such a tier. Only Outsiders are able to reach this rank.

Verdant is currently the Highest Tier a Player Character is able to achieve.

  • Verdant Tier may slot (3) Temporary Oddments and (3) Permanent Oddments.
  • Verdant Tier may use a maximum of (13) Quirk Points and can select up to (9) Quirks.


Unreality is bent to the will of those of Ebon Tier; they do not simply survive this place, but mold it to their will and whim. Very few ever manage to reach this Tier, and those who do wield power only matched by others of Ebon. Only Outsiders are numbered among this Tier.

Ebon is currently only attainable by NPC Characters at this time.

  • Ebon Tier may slot (3) Temporary Oddments and (3) Permanent Oddments
  • Ebon Tier may use a maximum of (16) Quirk Points and can select up to (10) Quirks

RP Mechanics

Character Tier is a mechanic which is used throughout the HUD to show strength and ability. Tier can be raised (or lowered) through the use of Keys and Locks which may be acquired. While Playtesting , these items are able to be bought for Secrets from various NPCs around the world.

Within The Space Between, there is no leveling or direct increase of base stats over time; after Character Creation; base stats remain static. Instead, as a character traverses through Unreality, they may find strange items in the form of Oddments. These altered objects offer bonuses (and hindrances) to Traits, Mysticism, and DR.

A weak character of low Tier is only able to hold onto so many Oddments at once. As a character grows stronger, they are able to juggle more at one time. Certain Oddments can have restrictions based on Tier making them impossible to use unless these are met.

Additionally, those of higher Tiers are able to select more Quirks with more slots and points to use for them. All quirks are able to be re-selected after Tiering up or down.

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