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From The Space Between
NOTICE: Recent system changes significantly altered Stat Point distribution, Mysticism calculations, and the unlocking of Umber/Gold Tier Actions. Pages on this Wiki related to Stats and Umber/Gold Actions may be out of date. See recent Discord announcements for further details.

Welcome to The Space Between Wiki!

Resources, Reference Material, and Lore related to The Space Between, a Dark Supernatural Roleplay world located in Second Life.

What is The Space Between?

This is a land Outside of Reality filled with forgotten things which have fallen through the cracks of existence. Bits and pieces of misplaced things from all over existence slip through and end up here. From lost socks to ships long vanished past the horizon, this place is a collection of misplaced detritus from all over time and space. Nobody chooses to come here, but those who wander their way into this place find themselves bound to it.

Trapped in this land of forgotten things, those stuck here must do whatever they can to survive...because the longer a thing meant to exist sits outside of existence, the more it twists, change and Fades away..


While The Space Between has a wide world with extensive lore and a ttrpg-light system, much of this can be learned afterwards or through roleplay!

[NEW PLAYER ESSENTIALS: Everything you need to know to make a character & start RPing]

If you have questions, need help with the system and hud, or are looking to get more involved with the community, Help for all can be found in the Discord (or if you're not able to use that you can reach out in the In-World SL group)!

Game System & HUD

The Space Between uses a custom Game System and HUD to help enhance the roleplay experience. This allows for ttrpg-like conflict with others tactically, without need for manual calculation, rule checking or wait times.

Players create characters with customized Stats and Quirks which reflect their characters, use unique Actions, and advance over time as a character grows stronger gathering up and using Oddments. There is no leveling system, though characters raise in strength over time through advancing their Tier.

This Game System is completely optional to use for those who simply want to experience the world.

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